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Real Thoughts Jul. 16th, 2011 @ 01:55 am
Today I reactivate this account for my not-so-private thoughts. Being on Google+ the past few days makes me rethink how I carry myself in public as well as in private. I've long held that I have nothing to hide and I welcome all opportunities to become more aware of myself through my interaction with others. Still, there is a difference when I am in the process of influencing others and when I am collaborating with others towards a mutual goal.

I'd like to make this into the least abridged version of my reality.

Up to speed
Just a quick run through of my life since 2001. I quit my sky rocketing career in "Strategic Innovations" because of the constant crisis syndrome and a really bad boss. Took a while to decide what to do next. Became a nurse and got nowhere. Tried the "Foreign Student" quest and the "Professional Immigrant" quest. Both were failures. Started my Hero's Journey in 2009. Held on to Trust. Became fully Aware on Jan 2, 2011.  Accepted unconditional happiness  on March 12, 2011.

Developing the Terran Journey. I'm still thinking what to call it. Is it a program? a course? a workshop? a seminar? a game? How about a reorientation? or to be safer, an orientation. Or, maybe just call it as it was initially conceived, A Gamer's Guide to Real Life. So, it's a guide. Anyway, The Terran Journey is everyone's story retold as a first person choose your own adventure game in a persistent world, it's massively multi-player, and there's no weekly down time. It's free 2 play. You only invest your time. Instead of playing for XP (experience points), you play for HP (happiness points). I personally believed that we are all here to be happy, and we can in fact be happy here and now if we give ourselves permission. 

Game on!
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Mood: busy
Ambience: The Move In My Mind

Para sa mga kalaro ko dati Jul. 22nd, 2009 @ 09:22 am
For the blurry fog of memories in the old dark secret places where strangers remained as strangers, and friendships are rare exceptions. For Martin Asturias who was a gem of a friend. 


Dito ako naglalaro dati-rati
Ang panagimpan nung ako ay bata pa
Ito ang dati kong tinatakbuhan
kung nangangailangan ng kaibigan

Ba't pa kailangang matapos
At bakit nila laging sinasabing
Wag nang lumingon, itaas ang noo't
Wag nang itanong kung bakit

Dahil maiksi ang buhay
At di mo mamamalayang tumatanda ka na
at ang puso mo'y nadudurog
Wag kumapit sa nakaraan

Datapwa't ito'y napakalaking hamon

Mabuhay at matuto
Ang mga taon ay lumipad
At wala tayong malay
na hangal pala tayo noon
na pawang di tayo mapapagod
at ang munting apoy na iyon
ay buhay pa sa aking kalooban
Hindi ito mawawala

Di makakapagpaalam sa nakaraan

Walang panghihinayang
Pero sana ikaw ay kapiling ko
May pag-asa pa naman
Naaaninag ko ang mukha mo
Sa ating taguang lihim
Hindi ka lang isang alaala
Magpaalam sa kahapon 

Katagang hinding-hindi ko mabibigkas

Dati-rati dito ako naglalaro 
Nandito ang ating kasiyaha't ipinagyayabang
Ito ang dati nating tinatakbuhan
Na walang sinuman sa mundo ang mangangahas na wasakin.

(This Used To Be My Playground by Madonna)
(Translated to Tagalog by Ari)

Other entries
» Omnivore
FOOD. The one thing that rocks my world. It is my greatest passion. I love food. The only reason I am not already the greatest chef in the world is that I still enjoy the discovery and the mystery. It is a caterpillar pillar that I do not want to climb. But, I do visit often. 

The only reason I'm writing this blog is to have a reference for my reasons for NOT believing in vegetarianism.

I don't think I have the patience to flesh it all out, so for now a list:

1. Animals were meant to be eaten. In the wild, predators eat prey. Prey who aren't eaten, die. Dead uneaten prey feed the life forms in the lower part of the food chain. Humans are at the top of the food chain for now. Deal with it.

2. Humans were meant to eat animals. Your teeth say so. Your pancreatic enzymes say so. Your gall bladder says so.

3. There are essential proteins that are sourced only from animals. Essential means required and necessary. 

4. If you believe that animals have feelings, it won't be a major leap of faith to realize that plants have feelings too. With this reasoning, you can now only eat fruits, dairy products and tofu. But, if you're eating fruits and not planting the seeds then you are a plant baby killer. 

5. I love lechon aka roasted pig. I love veal sausages. 

This is a direct reaction to a blog entitled "Meet the Meat": http://www.taoism.net/living/1999/199911.htm

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